Ellenbrook Vipers

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So most of you have probably met me or seen me around the club over the last few years, My son Daniel has been playing with the Vipers since he was 4 years old and I have been involved in his rugby journey as much as I could. I have a massive love for playing, coaching and watching rugby and what I enjoy the most is seeing children get a passion for the game like I have and seeing the future players of the game develop.

Glenn Horner and I are the coaches for the U9 Gold and Black teams for 2019 with the support of Arty Rishworth and Ed Ironui as assistant coaches and our wonderful team managers Alli Brown and Haylee Roia.

Glenn and I have been working hard with the kids at training preparing them for the full contact they face at U9’s. We have had a few children that have come up from U8’s and a few new kids to rugby join this age group which has a lot to do with our wonderful committee and the people within the rugby club in recruiting. 2019 see us with 2 teams of 12 in the under 9 age group with a mixture of boys and girls playing which is amazing.

So far in 2019 we have had a great Season. We kicked off the season on the 4th of May with the Gold and Black team combining forces with a win against West Scarborough. The kids seem to be really enjoying what Glenn and I are doing at training and want to keep learning each week.

As Coaches we are always working towards a positive attitude to rugby. Helping kids to believe in themselves. Coaching them to achieve their best and teaching them to have fun whilst doing it.

In my opinion kids need to have as much fun as possible when playing sport but safety is important. So at training I try and get the boring stuff out of the way and get into the games as quickly as possible, as some of you know its not always that easy with kids. We try our best to teach the kids the best and safest way to play rugby whilst having fun. On a Saturday when our teams come off the field with their lumps and bumps and a huge smile on their faces then there is only one winner and that’s rugby. Yes, most children think it’s about winning, and everyone loves to win but if kids have fun and are enjoying what they are doing then winning is a bonus.

As a coach I am a bit of a tough love coach which has probably something to do with the coaches I have had whilst growing up but I promise I will always ensure your kids safety comes first over everything. That being said I will dust them off (if they are ok) and send them back on the field as bumps and bruises are part of our game but we are always there to encourage and support the players in whatever way they need on and off the pitch. There are times where we need to back the other team up as some players are not available every week and all our kids step up when needed and make us very proud.

Here’s to a great season in 2019 Go Vipers

Yours in Rugby 
John O'Reilly