Ellenbrook Vipers

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Words from the Chairperson - Abby 

If you had told me a few years ago I would be the Chairperson of a Junior Rugby Club I, without question would have laughed at the thought. I am not the sportiest person you will meet. I can catch a ball OK but can’t kick to save myself. I am pretty girly so I would avoid a “tackle” at all costs.

So why Rugby? I'm a Kiwi, we are born loving Rugby! Honestly, my love for Rugby grew over time. It really resonated with me when my son was eight and played his second season of Rugby. I watched a kid who was shy, reserved and lacking self-confidence join the Ellenbrook Vipers. By the end of the season he was completely transformed, prepared to “take on” the biggest kids on the field, self-assured and his confidence in himself had grown so much. 

So why am I here as Chairperson? While I can't teach your son or daughter how to play (I'll leave that to the coaches) I can offer the club, committee members, parents and players is an enormous passion. A passion to drive children to be better, to be happier and healthier. To teach them to pick each other up when another one falls. To believe that the person next to you on that field is your brother or sister and you protect them as you would your family. I will provide a safe place for kids to come and families too, where there is no judgement, no pressure to be a superstar athlete, just to get out on the field support your peers and to be the best you can be. 

We are blessed at the Vipers to have a team of people, committee members, coaches and parents who genuinely do all they do just to see the kids out on the field in their Vipers jumpers giving it their all.

Come down, say hi and meet the Vipers family - you will probably never leave. 

Go VIPERS & Highlanders!